The Anurag Kashyap genre

The Anurag Kashyap genre
Cinema has always entertained us with its varied genres like thriller, horror, romance, drama etc. Leaving the movie theatre, we are always left with an aftereffect in our minds- slightly altered definitions and perceptions of true love, revolution, justice, a spooky world outside of ours or just search for adventure and bravado in our everyday life. But the newest, and one-of-a-kind, genre added to the Film Fraternity has been the genre created by Anurag Kashyap. Ever wondered why have his films set a benchmark in the world of cinema every now and then? If the medium of movies reflect the current times then of course the movies made now have equal power to absorb and consume the people of now- The Youth. Mr. Anurag Kashyap’s cinema has been gaining rapid popularity among the youth, so much so, that his characters are being idolized, not just in metro cities, where most mainstream cinema is able to reach, but also to the remotest of towns in the country.
So what is the reason behind the success of this much celebrated director? Some are of the opinion that his movies carry a very negative connotation and perhaps glorify rebellion, or are anti-establishment or anti-mainstream. Although all these opinions are to be considered and at the same time are debatable, let us discuss the practical reasons for his ability to reach out to so many and save the opinions for later.
Gangs of wasseypur By Anurag khashyap
For starters, the brilliant directorial skills shown by Mr Anurag Kashyap are inarguable. His first film Paanch to his latest release Bombay Talkies, and all the movies in between like Dev D, Black Friday, Gangs of Wasseypur have all seemed to hit the right notes. The credit for this can be traced back to the accurate and real interpretation of the concepts these movies talked about- be it the young, rich brat of Dev D who explores alcohol and drugs or the surprisingly clear adaptation of mafia wars in towns of Uttar Pradesh, India shown in his movie Gangs of Wasseypur. It could be said that the course that Anurag Kashyap’s personal life took from an early age shapes and defines his genre and the concepts of his movies, also, adding a new perspective to look at reality which before that seemed to be missing from the “realistic’ movies. The promises made by realistic cinema has failed to impress the generation in the past due to the long distance it has maintained with the common man. This is where an Anurag Kashyap movie finds its footing. The characters are real. situations are real, dialogues are real, language is real and also at the same time plot is easy to relate to and mostly portrays unsaid and covered up aspects of today’s society, disclosing them to the last, bare detail (which perhaps, doesn’t sit well with many).
It also cannot get unnoticed that the language used by the characters in his movies are hard on the ears and carry a lot of fury and frustration. Mostly, Anurag’s first hand life experiences have led him to develop such strong characters with crystal clear opinions. As an aspiring film maker it is necessary to learn from the Anurag Kashyap genre the ability to be true to oneself and respect an audience of any and every kind. His films, although are dark, but are devoid of any kind of imitation or pretence on his part as a director and has therefore lead him to the path of success. This could be something every film maker can keep in mind in their endeavors.

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