Sumit & Rajshree wedding Trailer

The Divine Plan (Trailer)

A charming witty and handsome boy meets a pretty bubbly yet mature girl and falls in Love at first sight.  She tries to guard herself but couldn’t help falling for him when she could see his heart.
Sumit & Rajshree, you made us believe in Love even more. The kind of love where words aren’t needed to hear each other.  Every moment spent with you will always remain with us as beautiful and cherished memories.

The Divine Plan - Sumit & Rajshree

When Love happens, everything seems like a part of some divine plan. Things fell in the perfect place and created beautiful memories for Sumit Kapoor, Rajshree Gupta and their families. ‪#‎cinematicwedding‬ ‪#‎indianwedding‬ ‪#‎neemranawedding‬ ‪#‎neemranafort‬


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