That Crazy Love Story – Astha & Sidharth

Life’s twice as fun when you fall in love with your best friend. Astha Sethi & Sidharth Arora, childhood love blossomed into a lifelong commitment.

the story of two best friends who fell in love and since then life became more like a joy ride Its a short and sweet love story stylized in bollywood retro theme




Sumit & Rajshree wedding Trailer

The Divine Plan (Trailer)

A charming witty and handsome boy meets a pretty bubbly yet mature girl and falls in Love at first sight.  She tries to guard herself but couldn’t help falling for him when she could see his heart.
Sumit & Rajshree, you made us believe in Love even more. The kind of love where words aren’t needed to hear each other.  Every moment spent with you will always remain with us as beautiful and cherished memories.

The Divine Plan - Sumit & Rajshree

When Love happens, everything seems like a part of some divine plan. Things fell in the perfect place and created beautiful memories for Sumit Kapoor, Rajshree Gupta and their families. ‪#‎cinematicwedding‬ ‪#‎indianwedding‬ ‪#‎neemranawedding‬ ‪#‎neemranafort‬

Cinematic wedding trends

English: Indian wedding, rituals

English: Indian wedding, rituals (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Arrival of the bridegroom, dressed as a prince...

Arrival of the bridegroom, dressed as a prince. Night-time outdoor flash photography (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each time when you see a photographs you took years back, it takes back to the mood situation and the joy, excitement or sadness behind it; doesn’t it? If you’re married, and have tons of wedding photos and a wedding video, you know how exuberant that recall feeling can get! But, have you ever thought that how those photographs just could have felt better if the photographer did not put on a bright flash that made you look more shinny or how your video could have been clearer if the camera-person didn’t ask you to pose like you are going to clicked and instead made a video of you posing and made you look stupid… Well, maybe that’s the reason why some of us got so annoyed seeing all this that we went ahead and trained ourselves in photography and Cinematography.
"Love is Ecstasy" Bollywood scene (2006)

“Love is Ecstasy” Bollywood scene (2006) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cinematography in very simple word : Art of Shooting, The way of capturing the light and shadows in other words filming through the camera choosing a right lens and exposure techniques.

We have different types of Digital Camera available in the market starting from the range of 5000INR. If we compare the shooting methods of these DSLR camera‘s to Traditional film cameras, we find how great the difference is between the two. A DSLR camera is much easy for a non-pro to use too. It comes handy for purposes of shooting just anything anytime and in any lighting situation without necessarily planning. All these features make these DSLR’s a popular choice amongst youngsters, adults, as well as gadget crazies.

If we talk of the current rage in the film market- Its Wedding Films.. The “D” Day is usually celebrated as not just an occasion but as festival of celebrating love and life which spreads across several days. India, is land of hero worship, from our gods to our on screen actors. We are bent to idolizing, as it kinda comes natural to us. Well, maybe that’s the reason we so influenced with Bollywood that its become a part of our lives, and our weddings too. From the brides Lehngas matching the heroines to the wedding sets matching that of a film set. From the Bollywood themes of weddings to Bollywood style dance performances in cocktails and Mehndi’s and Sagai’s. Bollywood is everywhere. Shows how much we love drama in life, also it reflects an Indians innate connection with love and hope. That’s why we say “If in this impermanent life, you ever seem to lose hope in love and life, Just witness an Indian Wedding.”

 We are not talking just about the style of Indian weddings or the various interesting wedding traditions. We already know that in a multilingual, multicultural and multi religious nation as ours, the weddings too are invariably and beautifully multifaceted. But I am talking about the way a camera has the capacity to capture these flavors and bring its taste alive on screen. More importantly its the right eyes behind these cameras is what makes all the difference. The difference from a hearts showering and flower animated traditional wedding video to a classy and flavorsome capture of real moments, that connect to you.
 The current rage says it all. Every single couple in India wants to get married in Bollywood style. A Dream wedding. But how can that be done with the number of such couples exceeding the number of filmmakers who can deliver what they need??
So, as a solution We are here to increase that small count. We are an excellent team with some fine photographers and individuals who capture each and every moment of a wedding, and create a final output that stays not just with you but, is worth sharing with the world.